In this episode of RPA Master Stories, Ozan Bilgen, the founder & CEO at Base64.ai, highlighted how AI-powered IDP technology available through cloud API enables automation solutions to classify and process documents faster and more efficiently.  

Base64.ai automatically classifies documents of 900+ types, including invoices, checks, IDs, Acord forms, and many others. Then it extracts data elements, such as text fields, signatures, and photos.

You can see it yourself as we've got a special promo code for you to try Base64.ai technology! It's 10x the standard trial - FREE processing of up to 1000 document pages, available only for the RPA Master community.

From the story, you see how it could be used with different RPA bots and integrated with other applications. In case you missed the live event, please sign up below to watch the recording.


RPAM Stories with Base64.ai

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